• Are you ready to make a change but unsure which path to follow?


  • How can you find out if your hunch is right or wrong?


  • Are you unsure of the options available to you right now?


  • Do you want to support your family in a new way?


  • Do you want to provide extra support for your child?


  • Would you like to take on a new challenge?


  • Would you like to be accountable for your actions and drive change in your life?


I can help! I am a life coach specialising in the area of education. I have more than ten years experience as a Primary School Teacher. I am now using my skills to help both adults and children through life coaching. This involves questioning, listening to my clients needs and coaching them to achieve great things! I am passionate about helping others and assisting them to achieve their goals. Through the power of questioning and with my guidance adults can create great momentum and achieve their goals and children can receive clarity with my dedicated care on a 1-1 basis based on the primary school curriculum.


I help overwhelmed teachers explore new pathways through friendly and powerful teacher-focused coaching.