How to sell yourself in your SAF and CV
even if you're unsure how to and it feels uncomfortable

Don’t read this if

  • You’re not interested in securing a new job in education.
  • You find selling yourself easy.
  • You know all there is to know about what principals and interview boards are looking for in new hires
  • You easily prepare SAFs and CVs that get you interviews in schools you really want to work in.
  • You’ve already created your SAF and CV and you have no intention of improving it in any way.
  • You’re an NQT or principal and you know all there is to know about job hunting in education.

I see you

  • You’re a newly qualified teacher with no teaching experience or just 1,2 or 3 years experience
  • You want to get CID status.
  • I know you’re afraid of the question ‘Have you got a job sorted yet?’

Does this sound like you?

  • I know you are thinking of applying for jobs in Dublin and the populated areas because you fear that it will take you years to get a job ‘back home’.
  • I know that you find it difficult to identify your skills.
  • You’ve researched other tools on the market designed to help get you a job.
  • I know you love Instagram and you’re following fantastic teachers there (and sometimes you think that what you’re doing isn’t good enough).

This guide is perfect for you if

  • You’re fearful of the competition and the embarrassment if you don’t secure a job in ‘your’ school.
  • You’re wondering what’s special about you as a teacher.
  • You’re afraid of putting in too much content or too little content in your CV and SAF

You’re exhausted with life

  • You think that job hunting is very difficult. 
  • You believe that your lack of experience or references will hold you back from getting your next job. 
  • Everyday, this is on repeat in your head – maybe you’re not cut out for this.

I invite you to imagine…

  • What if, instead, you knew that when you emailed a job application that you had a great chance of hearing back with an interview offer?
  • What if you were solely focused on the positive aspects of your job searching experience?
  • What if you had the confidence to apply for the jobs in the areas you really want – and were in with a great chance of getting an interview?
  • What if you knew as an NQT – that you have unique talents that others don’t have, and knew that you have impressive evidence to support it in your SAF?
  • What if you were relaxed and calm through the job-hunting season?
  • What if you your chance at selling yourself really piqued the interest of lots of employers?
  • What if you felt confident to sell yourself?
  • Imagine if just for a moment, you let go of any fears of lacking experience and you were fully confident in your abilities as a teacher. How would it feel to be applying for jobs without limitations and being assured that your application? Is that what you want?

 ‘NQTs – Acing Your Job Application – An All-in-1 Guide’ is my unique way of helping NQTs secure jobs.

I’ve worked with job seekers over 3 years and this ‘NQTs- Acing your Job Application, All-in-1 Guide’ is now my special way to get those results for you. It is perfect for you if you enjoy self-paced learning and feel you need an extra push to add extra punch to your CV and SAF. 

I’ve seen so many people beat themselves up about not securing jobs, having to resort to subbing positions even though that’s not what they want and be completely frustrated with the job hunting process when I know things can be so much easier. The truth is, it’s not your fault, nobody has ever taught you how to sell yourself.

I’m helping you to do that in this NQTs – Acing your Job Application – An All-in-1 Guide’.  

It’s especially designed for NQTs or those in the early stages of their career to become aware of their transferable skills, build their confidence and create a powerful SAF and CV with ease.

A Little About Me

I qualified as a Primary School Teacher from Hibernia College and graduated in 2008. Since then I’ve worked in short-term stints of 1 day to 3 months, completed year-long contracts, worked in a fantastic Gaelscoil, been permanent for 2 years, taken 5 years career break and now, I’m back to short-term subbing again. It’s been quite a journey!

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re bridging a gap while someone returns from career break, wanting your own class and feeling rejected when you’ve spent hours tailoring an application – only to hear nothing back. I even travelled back from the Gaeltacht for an interview in a school I’d completed a TP in and…. nada, no phone call to say ‘thanks but no thanks’, no rejection letter, nothing. I was annoyed and frustrated to say the least.

While on career break from my permanent post, I attended a career coach (and I became a career coach!), learned lots about self-awareness and strengths and how to use them to properly tailor a CV and Application Form. This was key to my success as a coach and as a substitute teacher. 

For the last three summers, the results my clients are getting are phenomenal! They receive multiple interview invitations and are offered jobs early in the interview season, so they can take holidays and relax – knowing their job is secure for September. They apply for (and often secure) the jobs in the schools and locations they really want. They are excited to get started with their job applications because they believe in themselves and know that they have a CV and Application Form that is top quality! It’s safe to say I love my role working alongside my teaching colleagues.

Read what others have said about the guide to date

This is a must have resource for any teacher looking to secure a teaching position in an Irish school. It covers all areas and guides the applicant through the process. This excellent workbook will assist you in getting an interview and more importantly succeeding in it.

Pat, Primary School Principal

This eBook is a brilliant tool for any teachers looking to create a job application that stands out. Whether you are writing your application for the first time, are trying to improve on a SAF that is continuously being rejected or are returning to teaching after a break, Orla covers it all. Her qualifications in this area mean that she can provide information that cannot compare with other similar tools out there. She also draws on her own personal experiences and her passion and caring nature shine through. This is certainly a resource I will be working through when filling out my application form.

Sarah, NQT

I think it has invaluable information in it. I particularly like the part on soft skills as these are often forgotten about. This workbook is extremely informative to NQTs and teachers wanting to update their CV and Standardised Application Form. I wish I have this resources when I was starting out!

Nora, Primary School Principal

I feel it’s very relevant and detailed to the person applying for the job. Most of all, it’s very helpful to the applicant because it covers everything. You can literally use is as a step by step guide when filling out your application form, with great confidence! I feel it is a huge benefit to actually securing a job.

Mark, NQT

How it Works

‘NQTS – Acing Your Job Application- An All-in-1 Guide’ is THE tool for you to create a CV and SAF that will allow you to create an Application to 

It is completely tailored to NQTs in the Teaching Profession at both Primary and Second Level. 

It comes complete with advice about how do write yours, what principals want to learn about you and 

Work through the user-friendly, printable tools which I have specifically designed for teachers applying for jobs. There’s even a step by step guide to complete the SAF. 

Because it’s a printable, you will be able to use it to apply for jobs now and any that you’re interested in, in the future.

BONUS: I’m even offering a complete step-by-step guide to completing the SAF with ease and over a short time scale – ready to send to schools when the adverts arise.

The price for this guide is €35.

Pick up your guide now.


If you’re still unsure if this NQT’s Acing your Job Application – An All-in-1 Guide is for you I’m happy to answer your questions at hello@orladempseycoaching.ie
This guide is still for you – in NQT’s Acing your Job Application – An All-in-1 Guide I outline all of my best content to help teachers job hunting this year and in the future. Over the past three years I’ve mentored teachers, SNAs and teachers stepping up the next step on their career ladder – so, rest assured, teachers at all stages of their career will get massive benefit from this guide.
Whether you’re qualifying this year, experienced or even, still in teacher training college – this is something that will remain useful to you for personal and professional development now and into the future. Simply, save your copy to use it again and again.
I know that you may be thinking "That's all great information, but she's not a principal." You're right. I'm not.

However, I've spent the past six years learning about leadership, what makes effective teams, how coaching can help teams work more effectively, personality clashes and what makes people happy in their jobs. Over the last number of months, I've worked with a wide number of principals to find out what they're looking for in job applications. My key finding is that while there are common trends (outlined in my freebie) personal preference plays a big part too.

One principal reported that she looks for 'As' in Teaching Placement experiences. If you don't have that (I didn't!) - then you won't be asked to interview. Is that ok? Can you accept that that's her personal preference? Mindset Shift: Understanding that for me - gave me huge solace in understanding that that's not a school I would enjoy working in anyway.

On the other hand, other principals completely disagreed with this approach. They also had their own favored selection criteria. So personal preference also plays a big part.

Looking at the idea of recruitment in education - using the bigger picture approach - means that I see things not from my personal preference (after all, I'm not hiring) but I work with each individual to highlight their own unique strengths and experiences. If they're not the right fit, then so be it. My clients create the most amazing applications, they have invested time and effort into preparing their forms and they are waiting for the best opportunity to arrive.
‘NQT’s Acing your Job Application – An All-in-1 Guide’ is a specialised tool with one goal in mind – to create a job application which will secure you an interview and hopefully get you a job. If you value getting a job easily while building your confidence to sell yourself this is the guide you need. As a coach, I care that my clients are happy and confident in themselves and that’s what makes my tool different from the rest out there.

You won’t be able to buy this resource on TPT because it’s not the kind of tool to decorate your classroom. This tool is different. I want to help bring you massive value to actually securing that job in the first place.

This guide is ideal for you’re ready to make an investment in YOU.
  • Templates to work on your application and more importantly, your mind-set.
  • Advice – my experiences of job-seeking and what you can do to ensure you get a job and get the curriculum covered using your self-awareness and favoured strengths.
  • Research (evidence based). I’ve worked with many top principals to learn what they’re looking for so that I can share it with you.
  • My experience teaching and coaching clients 1-1.
  • Getting out of your head and into the head of a principal (What are they struggling with? What are they feeling? What are they saying to themselves and others?)
  • How to market yourself in an authentic way.
  • Reflections: What's holding you back from creating the application form of your dreams?
  • What you need to do to feel good about the application process
  • What the benefits are for the principal hiring you. Understanding the outcome you want.