What Jobs can Teachers do over the Summer Holidays?

Summer Work Options for Teachers

The Fear

Has the fear hit you yet?! Yes, I’m talking about what to do over the Summer holidays?! I worked in a bar for many Summers and my best Summer ever was working in the Irish College and Cotters Bar on the beautiful Cape Clear Island. Craic, caint agus comhluadar gan dabht!

Since becoming a coach and launching my CV and Interview Skills service – that’s where my Summer income comes from, but for many NQTs they’ve not secured a temporary position in which they are paid over the summer – they need to find Summer work.

Some Options that Teachers Choose

Some teachers will choose Summer Camps, others will work in bars, some will even choose to do July Provision (more about that later!).

Getting your head around Summer work well in advance will help you go into the Summer with less stress and awareness about what you can work at while you apply for teaching jobs.

Here are some options:

Summer Camps
There are 2 options here.

A. Design and run your own or
B. Join an already established Summer Camp.

Run your own Summer Camp
Many of my teaching friends habe run their own Summer Camps for 1-2 weeks over the Summer holidays. They’ve enjoyed the experience and I asked them a little about it. Running your own camp means you get to think creatively and design your own tasks. Art and sports camps are popular options.

They said one good thing about going this route is that you will probably be working mostly with children you already know from your school locality. Emma enjoyed being her own boss, deciding on how many weeks you will run it for and when it will run. Treasa also enjoyed the light hearted nature of a Summer camp and getting to know the children better.

Sandra reported some disadvantages however. Legalities and organisation can be time consuming. You will need insurance and a suitable venue. The school/venue must be carefully looked after and deep cleaned after the camp is finished.
You will need to promote it in the local area and there may already be lots of competition. One big point to note among my three friends is that timekeeping can be an issue at some camps where there is a delay in some children being collected and they warn against making plans for an hour or two after the camp has ended.

Join an existing Summer Camp.
I spoke recently with Laura of ‘Let’s Go’ Summer Camps. She told me that they are currently taking applications for the Summer period and interviews will be held over the February mid-term break. If this opportunity is for you… take action quickly!

There are 400 vacancies available throughout Ireland. The pay is competitive and their ideal candidates are fun, motivated, reliable and energetic teachers with an interest in sport. Laura encourages anyone interested log onto their website to complete the application form at https://www.letsgo.ie/kids-summercamps-ireland/working-with-us

Overall, camps generally end between 3 and 4pm each day – so one benefit of working in a camp as a substitute teacher is that you have time every evening to apply for jobs.

Working to provide childcare for families during the Summer holidays can be another appealing option for teachers. Working closely with children for a couple of months can be very rewarding and fun depending on your contract with the family or agency.

On my return from my travels, I worked for a time with Last Minute Minders Childcare Agency. It was a fantastic way to supplement my subbing income and ensure a consistent income. I spoke recently with Clodagh from Last Minute Minders Care.

Clodagh explained the the process to apply to them is simple and efficient. They require a minimum of Fetac Level 5 for creche work plus one year experience for babysitting. Also, Garda Vetting and details of 2 referees.

The big advantage about working with LMM, Clodagh outlines is the flexibility aspect. Minders decide where and when they want to work. How great is that?! There are a variety of jobs available from evenings, creche work and weekends.

Learn more on their website www.lmmcare.com or email Clodagh with your CV to hello@lmmcare.com

Local shops , Bars and Cafes
Fancy something different? This could be just what you need! Using your network can help greatly in getting your foot in the door to the service industry.

Who do you know who works in a local bar etc? Can you explain that you will be looking for Summer work and ask them to put for name forward? Then prepare your CV that will highlight the skills necessary to work there.

Work Abroad
If you fancy some guaranteed sunshine during the Summer holidays working abroad, meeting new people and a lot of fun why not consider a Summer abroad? You could try WWOOFing (working for bed and board) or the Workaway website may be interesting alternatives and allow you to travel for a while.

Holiday Rep
If you fancy an adventure and some sunshine in Summer 2020 would working as a holiday rep may be what you need.
If you’re full of energy, up for a challenge, provide fantastic customer service and you have endless patience you may be a great holiday rep.

FYI….TUI are recruiting at the moment.

Museum Guide
Teachers are ideally suited to working as a Museum guide because of their strong communication skills, ability to tell a story, relay information and working with large groups of people.

As tourist season arrives – museums look for seasonal staff to cope with the extra visitors. Why not visit some museums and see if this is something you would enjoy?

July Provision
July Provision is an educational program for pupils on the Autism spectrum to help parents continue to help teach skills and academic tasks. It is a fantastic way to work with an individual child (or group of children for school-based July provision).

I spent two Summers with pupils completing the July Provision Program. It was a lovely experience to see the child in their home environment, go on educational based trips and follow programs that the child had been working on in school.

There is one (pretty major!) glitch however… The pay (isn’t great and) it’s not paid until November. I’ve also read on educational forums that there were some complications for payment for teachers involved in the program in Summer 2019 so make sure to do thorough research first.

Would I do July Provision again? Probably not. For me, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages but it is fantastic experience if you can afford it and want to gain more experience with Special Education Teaching.

There are a range of opportunities available if you’re job hunting this Summer. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Apply early and create a CV that will really draw their attention.

If you want to update your CV to tailor it for Summer Work or create a fantastic CV to get you teaching interviews when the first round of interviews come around from May onwards…. contact me today to greatly increase your chances!