Tired of Sending out Job Applications and Not Hearing Back?! Read Mark’s Experience.

NQT - CV ServicesToday’s blog post is a case study – not based on one particular individual that I have mentored – but Mark (a young fictional teacher) is a typical case through the doors of my coaching and mentoring business.

Introducing Mark
“I’m sick and tired of bouncing around from maternity leave to maternity leave, subbing a few days here and there. I  want to have my own class for a change. I want to feel that I finally have a place in a school and an opportunity to feel like a proper member of staff. I’m worried that I’ll never get the start that I deserve – after all, I worked so hard in college for this” Mark confides in our phone call together.

Jobs are Scarce and it’s an Uphill Struggle

Mark would really love a job in Kerry – ‘but shur jobs are like hens teeth back at home’ he says – and so, he’s applying mostly to Dublin based schools in the hopes of securing a contract in the city. He sees his future in Kerry but he feels he’d never get a look in, in his native land.  It’s best to get the experience first and then apply he tells himself.

Mark has five years experience but he lived for three years in Spain with his girlfriend which means that he now feels on the bottom of the pile when it comes to job hunting.

He just needs a chance to get his foot properly in the door to prove himself.

He can’t do that without getting the interviews first though.

How an Application Form Review Helped Mark Get Interviews
During our phonecall, Mark came across to me as a confident, fun-loving and enthusiastic teacher. His main concern however, was that he wasn’t receiving interview offers despite sending out tens of applications so far this Summer.  He was bored of it. Disillusioned with the whole process. He was beginning to wonder if there was any point in continuing the search for a teaching job.

After booking his application form review, Mark  sent me his best copy of his job application form along with a sample job description of a job he was applying for. I reviewed it, gathered my observations and later that week, we had a  1 hour phone call. Over the phone, we reviewed my findings of Mark’s job application form. I spotted his strengths, brought them to the fore and tidied up any oversights in phrasing and detail. The review gave Mark some key phrases that were missing from his original document. He immediately included them as we spoke on the phone.

Highlighting Mark’s 
Transferable Skills
We found that his passion for handball could be an asset for any school. Mark spoke so passionately about his days playing tournaments as a child. It was astonishing to hear the passion in his voice for his favourite sport. He also has expertise in marketing from his undergrad degree which is beneficial to schools – especially ones that may be thinking of updating their website. Finally, Mark has a special interest in History and enjoys using a range of methodologies to bring the subject to life! None of this was previously highlighted in his Application Form. Making  clever tweaks, using key phrases and highlighting key skills can make a massive difference to how a job application is received. 

Our mentoring conversation – really helps me to get to know my clients, allows us to really discover their unique selling points and leaving the conversation my clients feel a massive sense of relief with a renewed confidence that tweaking a few things makes their application MUCH MORE IMPRESSIVE!

The Result

Making a few changes to his application meant that Mark was soon inundated with interview invitations and he returned for more sessions to practice his interview skills. He now is has fantastic opportunities ahead, job offers to choose between and the class and security he wanted in a lovely school. His only regret? That he didn’t get his application form reviewed earlier!

Email me now, if you feel that making a few changes to your application and outlook could provide you with the routine and security that you deserve! hello@orladempseycoaching.ie