Time Out. Learning And Taking Steps Before I’m Ready.

I shared with you last week that I was starting with a new life coach this week.
So, from a coach to fantastic followers… I’m going to share my experience of receiving coaching with you…
These are my lessons learned from my session with *Joy.
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – I chose to attend a Life Coach at this stage in my business because working with her will enhance my own ability to coach and develop my business.
I chose her especially because she works with coaches like me who want to advance their businesses. Also, and very importantly- from my phone call with her I could tell that she understands my needs and matches my own personal values. I chose someone that understands who I am but will challenge me to progress.
She explained to me that she encourages me to take steps before I’m ready… I’m scared but ready to tackle that challenge. Watch out!
From the outset, Joy alleviated any reservations and fears that I had. I felt calm and open to share my thoughts. I never felt judged, just supported.
Coaching sometimes brings up new thoughts and realisations. I treated myself to a shopping trip in Liffey Valley on the way home! Any excuse!
It WAS tiring though and reminded me of the importance of letting my clients know that – and to be kind to themselves and share their thoughts with others after the session if they need to.
It’s all part of the healing process though. To address barriers and pass through them in time.
Talking about my business, my experience, my life… Accepting them, sharing them and articulating inner thoughts is important. I had a rough idea of something that I would like to work on for my business and while she listened without judgement the session remained focused towards making progress in that area.
I emerged from the session with an action plan for the next couple of weeks to undertake. I’ve already begun to take action.
Mary began the session with a lovely meditation. At 10am, after a busy journey on the busy city roads, it was lovely to arrive into the moment mindfully. After the meditation, thoughts came to me with greater meaning and clarity.
So often, we choose to drive forward with intent and force. I will remember that meditation and the unexpected opportunity to get more in tune with my inner self.
I look forward to my next session and observing how I will have developed before our next session together.
PS. If you feel that I am the coach for you then please reach out to me!
I have a range of services including
⭐ CV Review Service – if you want a second opinion while you are applying for jobs this summer term.
⭐ Interview Coaching – if you have secured that coveted interview and want to build confidence to promote yourself in your best light interview coaching is for you.
⭐ Career Coaching – investigate your options for changing career or learning to become happier and more fulfilled in your current role.
(*not her real name)
Feeling Focused, Growth and I’m ready to Achieve!
Take care all,
Orla 💐


Are you ready to explore new options in life? Are you feeling tired and frustrated? Do you spend your time planning lessons for others and not enough time planning your own life? Are your personal and professional relationships suffering at the moment? Are you ready for a change?

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