I have more time to myself and more opportunities to carry out my own work.

As a busy self-employed, at home mum that also has a highly time consuming passion for dressage. I was finding it almost impossible to take care of the business tasks that I needed to do for the development and maintenance of my company, plus get a little down time for myself. I was finding that as soon as I seemed to have time to work or get away something or someone was robbing that time from me. My work load was growing and without realising it I was cracking under the pressure.

When I met Orla I was exhausted and nearly sick with anxiety, it had become so normal for me that I didn’t really recognise it. Orla helped me to see what was happening to me and with her coaching helped me to see what I wanted to achieve and how I could achieve it. Through a great deal of guidance and discussion she helped me see where I could change things for myself and begin to carve out time to carry out my tasks. Orla helped me set goals that were very well structured and sometimes, very simple short-term goals.

Before now, I was rushing from one thing to the next and always partially present, I was trying to find the ‘end’ to whatever I was doing – just to make time here and there.  However, now I have more time to myself and more opportunities to carry out my own work. I feel less stressed as I can still make time for all my priorities. Now that I am more organised and have everything under control, I can fit more into my day and am able to enjoy more devoted time to my family and dressage.

Thank you Orla, you have really changed my thinking and I cannot recommend you highly enough!



“Orla was very professional, easy going and easy to open up to.”

I recently had six weeks of Life Coaching sessions with Orla Dempsey who I would recommend to anyone. Orla was very professional, easy going and very easy to open up to and chat with. During the six weeks, Orla gave me some useful tools to help push me to my goals and dreams. During every session, I picked up something and learned a lot to move forward in life. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and wish her every success in the future.

  • Noel


I discovered (…) where I am in life and where I want to be.”

When I first started my sessions I was not exactly in the mood to examine myself and go on this journey. I am so glad I did. I found Orla an amazing person to take this journey with. She has a wonderful manner and warm energy.  I felt very at ease from the beginning and was gently guided through my self-discoveries. I was surprised by how fulfilling it has turned out to be.

I have discovered so much about where I am in life and where I want to be, the values that are most important to me, how much I am already doing and how to accomplish my goals in every area. I would highly recommend Orla to take you on this journey as it has uplifted my life hugely.

  • Cathy

“I was surprised by the growth I experienced”

I found the coaching sessions really benefited my personal development and I was surprised by the growth I experienced in such a short period of time. Orla was great, gently probing with questions and focusing me on my preferred outcome. I am going forward more self aware and I am confident I will continue working towards reaching my goals. Thanks for everything Orla!

  • Kate