Productivity Tools For Busy People!

One tip for productivity I’ve been using over the past while is to have a power hour.
I have a journal in which I write EVERYTHING that I have to do. I brainstorm every task personal and professional that I have to complete over the coming days, weeks and months.
The first session doing this can take a couple of hours or so. Literally take everything out of your head and pop it onto paper. This is your master list.
When this is done, it’s time to get a highlighter, highlight and prioritize which tasks I want or need to complete in the next hour. Then set a timer on your phone to set a deadline to achieve those tasks.
Tasks can be personal tasks or work related tasks. The only criteria is that they are important tasks that you want to achieve and complete in the hour.
When each task is done, cross it off your list and on to the next one. Put away distractions (Facebook, kids, radio etc) basically whatever may stop you from achieving the tasks.
When you have taken your fist power hour always keep your masterlist close by. It is your evolving ‘to do’ list and when you think of something you need yo do… Immediately pop it in there and at the end and beginning of every day do a brain dump.
Take 5-10 minutes to reflect and plan all the things that you need to do now and put them on paper. Ready, Set, Begin! Can you beat the clock?
Using this system has had many benefits for me..
✔️ I get a great sense of achievement from getting so many things crossed off my to do list.
✔️ I am extremely focused on the task at hand and disruptions and distractions do not disturb me during this time.
✔️ Having my master list means that I can work on some of the other tasks on it during my day at my leisure.
✔️ My brain gets a break from having to keep remembering all of those tasks every day.
✔️ I get a  sense of security knowing that I wont forget about the tasks once they are written down.
✔️ Many tasks on my masterlist take under 5 minutes to complete and can be completed easily when I focus on taking action on them.
What could you achieve with your masterlist and in a focused powerhour?


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