My Services

I work one to one with teachers guiding them through Career Coaching, Application Form / CV Reviews and Interview Coaching. I have a selection of packages to suit your budget and timeframe and my next intake of clients is in June 2018.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a relationship whereby the client and the coach are equal one. The client sets the aim for the session and leads the conversation and it’s my job as a coach to ensure that the client talks about the various aspects of the topic and remains focused on it to make the progress they want for the future.

Career Coaching for Teachers

Career coaching sessions give you clarity on what you personally are looking for to find career happiness, and shines a light on changes you may need to start making.  

If you’re like me, you value variety, adventure, challenge, excitement, love and a sense of satisfaction in your career and in all areas of your life. Perhaps you are achieving success in some areas of your life but your career is letting you down. Our careers play such a big part of our lives – we spend so much of our daytime hours there.

Some issues we can explore together include:

~ Feeling pressured and stressed in school

~ Lack of opportunities to get your foot in the door for long term positions

~ The hurt from making endless applications, hearing nothing back and feeling disappointed

~ Wondering if this is all there is to your working life

~ Your free time being consumed with thoughts, activities and responsibilities from school

~ Your happiness and personal freedom feeling limited

~ Feeling stuck in the position you’re in and not seeing how to change job

~ Longing to spend more time with your family

~ Tired of giving everything and getting little back in return

When I work with my clients they report that their job provides them with a sense of financial security, they know how to do it, teaching is routine, it brings in good money, it seems enough…. but still they feel that they aren’t fully happy… There must be more in store in life for them.

It can be scary to consider the alternatives isn’t it? To step outside of your comfort zone. But if you change nothing…. then nothing changes.


Through working with me, clients feel better about their inner and outer life, find clarity about their career path and they make essential first steps towards living their purposeful future. Most importantly, they feel less pressured at home and in school which improves all round health and relationships.

At the end of the 6 sessions you will come away with:

  •  clarity about what direction you want to go in
  •   increased confidence in yourself and your abilities
  •   a structured and measurable scheme to take small consistent steps towards your objective methods to tackle stress and pressure when times are tough.

Application Form/CV Review

One of the most traditional and widely used ways of marketing yourself is through your CV. We know our own story in depth and are passionate about the information held on it but how does it come across to a potential employer? How does it tell our story and outline our personal brand? Often, we never figure this out.

Getting your Application Form/CV Reviewed by an expert in the field means that you will be informed if it needs format changes and inadequacies or mistakes will be highlighted by me for you to iron out and rectified before it reaches the employers eyes – and it you have the right qualifications and experience it will give you an advantage over other potential applicants.

How does it work?

Email your CV, complete a CV awareness task and the CV Review will take place over the phone or via Skype.  

CV Service

As an add on, after your CV Review, you can choose to have your CV revamped completely by me. This CV service means that you will have an attractive, professional and targeted master copy of your CV  – ready to tailor for the right positions to suit you. The aim is to create your CV to have a real impact and bring you to the Interview Stage in your application.

How does the CV Service work?

After the CV Review outlined above, client and coach agrees the timeframe in relation to how much work the CV needs, how much it will cost and when the CV needs to be completed by. The client pays for the service online and I get to work improving and refining your CV for your career search.

Interview Coaching

Are you fearful of interviews, selling yourself to others, talking about your strengths and weaknesses and stepping outside of your comfort zone to show your best you in interviews? Do you understand what the employer is looking for when he/she takes on a new hire? Are you ready to show that you can fulfill that role?

One way to make sure that you feel confident doing this is by undertaking interview coaching. In our 1-1 session we will look at your interview answers, the impact that body language has on your own self belief and how you portray yourself to the interview panel.


I also work with schools to develop school and community wellness including:

– Creating a vision for the future – create a vision board for clarity and focus

– Small group coaching – attend a workshop in a small group to acquire new information, learn from others and share your experiences

Contact me if you wish to book a wellness session for your school or business.


How do the career coaching sessions work?

Coaching sessions are weekly and packages are between 1 to 3 months. Sessions can be held online or face to face at an agreed location.

1-1 Coaching takes place from my offices in Edenderry or Celbridge and are approximately 1 hour long depending on the needs of the client and how the session is going. I also coach online or by phone.

Pricing: How much do coaching sessions cost?

I have three coaching options at present. 

Bronze Service

120 / each
  • A series of three is minimum for optimal results. In individual sessions we can discuss one or two topics that are on your mind and broaden your thinking about it leading to an increased sense of satisfaction and progress.

Silver Package

400 / Set
  • In this four session package, together we can delve into the self limiting beliefs holding you back, change your mindset to refocus on a joyful and colourful future, set and take consistent steps towards your goal for the future.

Gold Package

1000 / Set
  • Ongoing support - Three months, ten coaching sessions - €1000 Commit to a long term change, a complete overhaul of your mindset, increase your focus and make a difference EACH week for 3 months. This package includes email and phone support over the three months.