Job Application Services

Learn to Shine! 
– CV and Application Form Review Service
Are you applying for  jobs at the moment?
  • Perhaps you’re sick and tired applying for jobs and hearing nothing back?!
  • Or… you don’t know where to begin because it’s been years since you last applied for a job.
  • Others are looking for secondment opportunities and need support to help them highlight their experience and skills.
If this sounds like you… then I can help you get interviews!
One of the most traditional and widely used ways of marketing yourself is through your CV.
But, how does yours come across to a potential employer? How well does it tell your story and outline your specific expertise?
Often, we never figure this out.
Getting your Application Form or CV Reviewed by an expert in the field means that you get feedback first from the eyes of a potential employer. However, I then spend time getting to know you. I’m on your side, helping you remove the dull.
My CV Review service shows you WHAT employers want to see and you will see WHY you’re the best person for the job.
I can help you to show how a few small changes can make a big difference and together we polish it to make it MAKE IT SHINE.
Having a professional pair of eyes means that mistakes and oversights will be highlighted and are immediately drawn to your attention. Often a simple fix can make a massive difference in the hands of the employers.
Because who wants their CV cast aside because of a simple spelling mistake huh? Because that HAPPENS!!
So, how does it work?
  1. Introductory call: Chat about your requirements and see if we are a good match.
  2. Email your CV.
  3. Review: I review your CV (2-3 days turnaround time).
  4. Coaching call: Takes place (over the phone or Skype) to discuss my findings.
  5. Update your CV: You can immediately take action to update your CV based on our call.
Result: You will have an attractive, professional and targeted master copy of your CV – ready to tailor for the right positions to suit you.