Interview Coaching

  • Are you fearful of interviews, of selling yourself to others, talking about your strengths and weaknesses or perhaps you just don’t know what you should say?
  • Perhaps you get hopelessly tongue tied the moment a board member asks you a question?
  • Do you understand what the employer is looking for when he/she takes on a new hire or have you never given that any thought?
  • Are you ready to show that you can fulfill the role?


Building your confidence using Interview Coaching
One way to make sure that you feel confident making a positive impression is by undertaking interview coaching.
In our 1-1 session we will look at your interview answers, the impact that body language has on your own self belief and how you portray yourself to the interview panel.
How it works: 
  1. Introductory Call: This is a short call to learn a little about you and see if we are a good match.
  2. Prep Time: I will send you my specially designed resources designed to get you thinking about your interview answers, skills and how you personally prepare for an interview.
  3. Coaching Session: We meet face to face (or online) for a 1 hour mentoring call to practice interview questions, improve your interview answers and get feedback. A mock interview is optional.