Frequently Asked Questions 2


As my business continues to grow – I’m often asked these questions…. Perhaps you were wondering about them too?

Are you teaching at the moment?
Yes at the moment, I’m teaching 4 days a week in SET. I really enjoy working in Special Education and having one day off is great to focus further growing my business.
Is that a lot?
Yes, as my business grows I’m getting busier and busier (which is great!) But this means I am busy in the evenings too – catching up with clients and with coaching sessions but I’ve managed to find a great balance! Substitute work is ideal to give me a little flexibility. In term 3, I will need to teach less and focus on my business as it is my busy season and focusing on my clients is my no. 1 priority.
Where did you learn how to update peoples CVs?
I have always enjoyed editing and writing and my top realised strength is detail. (Ask me about my Strengths Profiling Tool).
I also learned lots while attending a level 9 course in innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship with UCD. Finally, my voluntary work with the charity Jobcare really helped me refine my job seeking, facilitation and CV skills.
What happens on a typical discovery call with you?
I invite any inquiries to my Facebook Page to have a chat about what your requirements are. In this call, I learn more about you and explain how my services work. This discovery call is also necessary to see if we are a good match because sometimes it may be that I am not the correct coach for you . If that’s the case, I may refer you to someone who can more closely coach you for your specific requirements.
Do you only work with teachers?
Not at all, much of the work I do is with those in the field of education because of my background. However, I am primarily a Life and Career Coach and I coach people of varying backgrounds, careers, and stages of life. In the past, I’ve worked also with entrepreneurs, those in the financial sector, students, job seekers, SNAs and more.
How much does a CV Review cost?
I’m happy to explain all elements of my CV Review Service in our discovery call. Feel free to PM to set up your call.
Why should I have LinkedIn?
I’m noticing an increasing number of teachers on LinkedIn. Over the past year, I’ve also connected with hundreds of principals in Ireland and from the UK. LinkedIn is a professional platform which will allow you to share your professional achievements, learn more about the latest developments in the area and expand your teaching network. If you’re considering a position in leadership, secondment or if you’re job hunting in the sector an impressive LinkedIn Profile can be a fantastic asset to your application.
Let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them!