CVs = Beliefs

I just love my job!
I love taking peoples CVs and changing them from good to excellent!!
Do you know why?
When I see a CV for the first time I can see many of the beliefs that my clients have about themselves.
They use words like ‘good at, helped, worked…’
Good or Great?
When I ask them what they’re great at or excellent at… they don’t know.
Through our coaching conversations, I ask them to elaborate on times that they showed that skill, made a difference and achieved a result…. and what slowly happens is a belief change.
They begin to allow themselves to believe that they’re not only good at something… they’re GREAT at it!
Learning to Shine
Too often we convince ourselves that we’re mediocre. We conform to the idea that we’re not good enough… that others are better, who does she think she is?! , I couldn’t do that etc etc.
This is the power of negative conditioning.
The Power of Affirmations
Repeating positive beliefs and acting on them is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You become better at what you believe you are already good at.
Taking action because you enjoy a task, you’re good at doing it and you are deciding to do it more often makes such a big difference to our confidence and happiness.
I invite you to reflect on what you’re actually great at…. and form your personal affirmations.