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A Little about Me

I qualified as a Primary School Teacher from Hibernia College and graduated in 2008. Since then I’ve worked in short-term stints of 1 day to 3 months, completed year-long contracts, worked in a fantastic Gaelscoil, been permanent for 2 years, taken 5 years career break and now, I’m back to short-term subbing again. It’s been quite a journey!

In my coaching practice, I’ve been particularly interested in helping my clients identify their specific strengths (we actually have lots more than we think we do!) and my top realised strength is detail. When we grow an awareness of our strengths we can learn to harness them for different purposes and use our weaknesses less.

Using my top realised strength – attention to detail means that I love working in the small details, spotting inaccuracies and making things uniform (which is a great thing when creating CVs!).

That’s why I decided to create this Masterclass! Day in, day out I help clients build their confidence in their CVs and SAFs and I know where most people make their mistakes! Wouldn’t that be a useful thing to know? Would you like to learn what they are?