CV 3 Testimonials


There is nothing but good things to be said about the fantastic service that Orla provides.. Orla guided me to communicate effectively how my teaching experience and skills would make me a suitable candidate for the position. As a result of Orla’s advice, I know have a SAF that I am immensely proud of and one that I feel reflects me at my best. I cannot rate your service highly enough.

Marie, June 2020

Orla was a great help to me with the process of making my CV more recognisable and targeted. Being honest, when I was first completing my CV I was trying to put as much in as possible without thinking about what an employer would be interested in seeing.

My CV was almost 5 pages long before starting the process with Orla. I am now more aware, from Orla’s help of what would stand out and how to make my points more convicting.

I would definitely recommend Orla’s CV service as I am now confident that I have a good 2 page CV that shows off my skills, talents and experiences professionally. Thank you so much Orla!

Donna, May 2020

Orla recently helped me to review my application form and I am so pleased with the improvement. She shows a genuine interest and is passionate about bringing out the best in people.

She listens intently and was able to offer her great advice on how to develop what I already had so that it is expressed in a way that makes an impact, includes personal experiences and is relevant to my career. Orla’s down-to-earth and understanding nature made it an enjoyable experience and I would certainly recommend her services. Thank you Orla!

Sarah, April, 2020