Career Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is an equal relationship between the client and the coach. The client sets an aim for each session and leads the conversation. It’s my job as a coach to ensure that the client spots old patterns which have held them back from the past, creates a plan to overcome obstacles, set short and long term goals, develop their emotional awareness and come to terms with their needs, values and opportunities for success. The coaching focus will vary from individual to individual.

Career Coaching for Teachers

Career coaching sessions give you clarity on what you personally are looking for to find career happiness, and shines a light on changes you may need to start making.  

If you’re like me, you value variety, adventure, challenge, excitement, love and a sense of satisfaction in your career and in all areas of your life. Perhaps you are achieving success in some areas of your life but your career is holding you back. Our careers play such a big part of our lives – we spend so much of our daytime hours there.

Some issues we may explore together include:

  • Feeling pressured and stressed in school.
  • Lack of opportunities to get your foot in the door for long term positions.
  • The hurt from making endless applications, hearing nothing back and feeling disappointed.
  • Wondering if this is all there is to your working life.
  • Your free time being consumed with thoughts, activities and responsibilities from school.
  • Your happiness and personal freedom feeling limited.
  • Feeling stuck in the position you’re in and not seeing how to change job.
  • Longing to spend more time with your family.
  • Tired of giving everything and getting little back in return.

When I work with my clients they report that their job provides them with a sense of financial security, they know how to do it, it brings in good money, it seems enough…. but still they feel that they aren’t fully happy… There must be more in store in life for them.

It can be scary to consider the alternatives, isn’t it? To step outside of your comfort zone. But if you change nothing…. then nothing changes.


Through working with me, clients feel better about their inner and outer life, find clarity about their career path and they make essential first steps towards living their purposeful future. Most importantly, they feel less pressured at home and in school which improves all round health and relationships.

Career Coaching Sessions come in bundles of 6 sessions.

At the end of the 6 sessions you will come away with:

  •  clarity about what direction you want to go in
  •   increased confidence in yourself and your abilities
  •   a structured and measurable scheme to take small consistent steps towards your objective methods to tackle stress and pressure when times are tough.