Are You Thinking Of Changing Career?

What alternative career would make you happy? What are your skills? How can you prepare now to ensure you are prepared to make the change in the future?

I’ve had a lot of teachers – especially contact me recently asking me about my journey outside of the world of teaching. They asked what kind of courses I did? What I would recommend for them to do and explained that they would like to take the leap but are unsure of what to do.
The truth is, I can’t really offer any advice to them. I did the courses, volunteered in places and met the people that made me happy. There is no one solution that fixes all. During my job-hunting days, I googled information like ‘alternative careers for teachers’ etc. and I found some interesting suggestions. However, it was only when I allowed myself to be true to myself and invest in a course that I was really passionate about that I really felt that I had found my path.

Before I started my life coaching course, I volunteered at a fantastic charity in Dublin called Jobcare. This involved facilitating a group of highly educated adults (graphic designers, bankers and engineers etc) to assist them to learn current job seeking skills and hopefully to gain employment. Times are moving quickly and the job market is face paced and very competitive. “Do I have the skills to sell myself in my best light in this job hunt?” they were thinking.

It was there, that I learned that outside of the world of teaching and civil service jobs really there is no such thing as a ‘job for life’. And that’s OK. These people had so much to offer the workforce – experience, personality and skills and they were motivated to get back to work. If you are savvy about the job hunt, passionate about working in a position you love and are preparing mentally for the future then why not try something new? You may find that it suits you, your situation and personality better as you change direction in life.

If you are considering a career change – what steps can you take? What is feasible to do while remaining in the position that you’re currently in? This is personal to everybody considering trying out something new. Have you done lots of internet research into the area you would like to try out? Can you use your networks (family, friends, past colleagues, Facebook friends etc) to contact others who could give you information – reach out, seriously! People are generally delighted to be able to help! This was a big learning curve for me. Contacting others for information and advice is common in the world of business. Perhaps, volunteer in an area that is in some way relevant to the area you’d like to move to – it will look good on your CV when the time comes to move. It will also give you an idea of whether you’d like it or not. Update/Create your LinkedIn and reach out that way to others who are in the field. Perhaps take the opportunity to journal and reflect on your findings to date. I also suggest that you observe how you feel as you get closer in your journey.

As I mentioned earlier, a life coach cannot answer your specific questions because nobody can tell you what’s right for you. Only you can discover that for yourself. What really matters though – is that his/her role is to guide you – the client to a greater understanding of what he/she feels is the best solution for themselves. Coaching sessions are a time to reflect, appreciate the life journey the client has been on to date and plan for the future.

Do you have any comments or questions? Does that make sense? Please let me know! Thanks for reading!


Are you ready to explore new options in life? Are you feeling tired and frustrated? Do you spend your time planning lessons for others and not enough time planning your own life? Are your personal and professional relationships suffering at the moment? Are you ready for a change?

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