Are You Ready To Release Control?


I invite you to reflect… How do you react when others take the lead?
What are your typical behaviours when others are in charge? Do you accept it? Do you get frustrated? Do you support them or drag your heels a bit?


Things changed a lot when I reflected on my preference to be in control of things.

I learned to accept others as they are.
I learned that others have the right to be in control too.
I learned that others think and work differently than I do.
I learned that that’s what makes life amazing!
I learned to not take things personally.

I accepted (most of the time!) to let things go.

The feeling of being in control of ourselves and situations is closely linked to our human needs of choice, order, independence, power, to be heard and seen, to be accepted,
competence, purpose and many more.

What would life look like if you decided to let others take the lead sometimes?

Might some things be easier?

I invite you to share your experiences with control.. Is it something you have been aware of in your own life? What would the advantages and disadvantages be of releasing some control over situations?


Are you ready to explore new options in life? Are you feeling tired and frustrated? Do you spend your time planning lessons for others and not enough time planning your own life? Are your personal and professional relationships suffering at the moment? Are you ready for a change?

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