About Me

Hey ladies, I’ve been there. I am there. As a teacher for 11 years, I know the joy that a thriving classroom can bring and the feeling of connection you get from being part of a happy school community. However, I also 100% appreciate the immense challenges that come with working in busy schools today and the toll taken on a personal and professional level.

Hello, I’m Orla Dempsey, a Life and Career Coach for Teachers and a Primary School Teacher in Kildare. I believe that teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world and I feel so lucky to be part of a profession that is forming the minds that will be building the future.

In 2015, after eight years of teaching I knew the time had come to discover something new. I pressed the pause button on my career and boy, am I glad that I did. WHAT DID I DO?

I know how uncomfortable it is to start to ask yourself big questions so well done if you’ve read this far. A big moment for me was when I realised that nobody could give me answers about my life. My life is my responsibility.

I love what I do… I get to work one to one with women who want to make a happier life for themselves. They too, want something different for themselves – a new challenge or to make a real difference in various areas of their life. They understand that something important needs to happen and they are committing to making that change.

If what you’re reading resonates, drop me a line and let’s book your free call to see how I can help.


  1. Life is designed to be vibrant, enjoyable and supportive. I believe we are born to grow and develop into better versions of ourselves through reflection and learning from our challenges and adventures in life.
  2. Love ourselves as passionately as we love those around us.
  3. Create a life that supports your physical, physical and emotional wellbeing.
  4. The positivity  we enjoy and receive is in direct proportion to the positivity we put out into the universe.
  5. Quality over quantity always.
  6. Carve out time and space to learn to love and grow.
  7. The responsibility to change is our own – nobody else can do it for us. We are in charge of our own destiny.

My Bio

  • Accredited Diploma in Life and Business Coaching (2017)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship – 2016 (UCD)
  • H.D.I.P.E. 2008 (Hibernia College)
  • B.A. in Philosophy and Irish Culture 2002 – 2005 (UCC)