A Story about Lego Ducks

A Story about Lego Ducks
Do you know why these little ducks are SO IMPORTANT?
In 2016, I completed the most fantastic course in ‘Innovation, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship’. I learned so many valuable things – teamwork, marketing, thinking innovatively, problem solving, how to prototype, iterate and build confidence among many other things.
One day, we were handed a little bag of Lego – (perhaps there were eight blocks in there) and we were given one minute to make a duck! Aagh!!! Quick – we pressed and wedged…. and at the ring of the bell…. we all had something that resembled a little Lego duck. Woo hoo!
When we were told to closely examine our ducks at our tables – we were amazed to find that NONE OF OUR DUCKS WERE EXACTLY THE SAME. In fact, when we compared them outside – NO
 TWO DUCKS from a class of 20+ were exactly the same.
Because we all think differently.
We all have differing perspectives.
Because I can solve the problem in a different way than you can.
That was a major life lesson for me.
That’s why Coaching is so powerful. Have you ever received advice from someone and you think “No, that doesn’t sit well with me. That’s not my solution”? It may not sit well in your values system or that’s not what you see to be the issue.
Coaching doesn’t do that.
As a coach, I listen and my client gets to explain. To talk about the issue and come to terms THEMSELVES with their own solutions. So that they feel their solution is the right one for them.
Each of my clients is in charge of their own yellow duck.


Are you ready to explore new options in life? Are you feeling tired and frustrated? Do you spend your time planning lessons for others and not enough time planning your own life? Are your personal and professional relationships suffering at the moment? Are you ready for a change?

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