3 Secret Tips to  Create Balance between Work, Job Applications and Living Life. 

One of the big frustrations my clients have when they come to me for coaching is striking that balance between work, home life and job applications.
The reason they are so frustrated is that applying for jobs is a job in itself! 
Many of my clients have…
✅ a full time job and are balancing that with
✅ family
✅ household chores and
✅ trying to do some ‘normal’ things like exercising
✅ catching up with friends and
✅ filling out application forms and updating CVs.
……. It really is a challenging time!
So what can you do to make this a less stressful time?

Plan in Advance 

Let’s say you work 9-5, you have family commitments 3 hours each week, you commute 1 hour daily… you need a little down time… how much time is it reality for you to spend job hunting?  Perhaps it is as little as 3-4 hours.
Putting these hours aside, identifying when and where they will happen will help you to get focused on the task at hand. Sometimes this time will be spent researching, other times applying for jobs or other times it may involve reaching out to your network.

Do the tasks that have greatest return FIRST

Will spending hours on end get you closest to securing the job you want? Perhaps – but are there any other activities that might get you closer? What could they be?
Could you spend an hour at a networking event?
Could you reach out to your friends and connections on LinkedIn… explaining that you’re looking for a job in X sector and do they know anyone that might be useful for you to have a quick chat with?
Could you reflect on what makes you different and think of a new innovative way to show that?
Perhaps it’s creating an impressive LinkedIn profile?
Some creative planning here may get you inspired here and help you spend your time wisely!

Learn to Delegate

Spend most of your time in your zone of genius… if that’s writing… do that!
If it’s communicating…. attend the networking meeting or pick up the phone!
If it’s web design… create a landing page for yourself!
Whatever is your zone of genius… you will enjoy doing those tasks.
Delegate some unnecessary tasks (at least in the short term) What tasks can others do for you?  If it’s housework… who can you ask for support?
It’s ok to ask for help.
It’s ok not to be excellent at everything.
It’s ok to find this time challenging.
Others are in the same boat… You’re normal!


Are you ready to explore new options in life? Are you feeling tired and frustrated? Do you spend your time planning lessons for others and not enough time planning your own life? Are your personal and professional relationships suffering at the moment? Are you ready for a change?

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