10 Myths About Working With A Life Coach

1️⃣ Life coaches are expensive
There are coaches in many different stages of their career. Trainee coaches look for Pro Bono clients and work with them for free to gain experience in coaching. From there, the price increases and the idea is that the coach’s fee covers his/her cost and the value and results he/she will get for the client. What price do you put on your dreams? Find the coach that suits your agenda and budget.

2️⃣ Coaching is for people with ‘problems’
Not much of our time together is spent discussing the issues of the past. Yes, we discuss them. Yes, we take them into account and yes, it is important be mindful of them during our sessions together. However, the job of a coach is to move you forward to a happier present and future.

Athletes have coaches. Business Leaders have Coaches. You can work with one too.

Clients go to coaches to train their mind, to learn to think differently and to come to terms with what’s been holding them back in the past. They set goals and move forward.

3️⃣ I will have to discuss things I don’t want to.

The client leads the way, sets the tone of the conversation and focuses on the direction that the coaching will follow. The coach will ask non-judgemental, intuitive questions designed to evoke change and move the client forward.

The relationship between coach and client is confidential, equal and thought provoking and the client is free to talk or deflect any situations they feel uncomfortable with.

4️⃣ I don’t have the time for another appointment/meeting in my week.
Coaching sessions are generally 1 hour in duration. They are held weekly or fortnightly depending on the preference of the client. Many clients have coaching sessions via Skype so it can save the them time and energy by having their call from the comfort of their own home. It is a 1 hour time commitment to the coach plus the time spent dedicated to focusing on achieving their goals.

5️⃣ I’m not sure I’m choosing the right coach.
Most coaches will be happy to have a phone call (called a chemistry check) to see if they are a good match. It’s important that clients choose the right coaches and that coaches only accept clients that they feel comfortable with and can move them forward. This means that they understand their background, can identify with their needs and can ask the right questions to move them forward with intent, intuition and ease. Not all coaches will accept clients if they feel that they are a bad match.

6️⃣ A life coach can’t help me……
A life coach can do their part in the process and they will help you think differently. IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE a life coach can support and accelerate progress on your goal but the client must take the action.

7️⃣ Life coaches are only for corporate businesses
Corporates have recognised the role that coaches can play for many years now. In these companies, coaches work with management and staff to help them work together more effectively, move forward with a vision for all, solve disagreements, develop and refine their core values and purpose. Dealing with the complexities of people in such a large team can be challenging and coaches work to create unity and progress.

Individuals also have these same complexities and can choose to work with a coach to create the change they wish to see in themselves.

8️⃣ Coaching is a fad.
Coaches have made a huge difference so far to people’s lives both individually and in companies. As life gets increasingly complex we constantly drive to find balance, connection and achievement in our daily lives. If the end goal is happiness, coaches will be around for many years to come.

9️⃣ I don’t know how to find a life coach.
Coaches are about the nicest, positive people you will meet. Linked in is a fantastic way to find the coach that is the right fit for you. Reach out, learn about them and organise your complimentary chemistry check. If they’re not a right fit.. They can probably point you in the direction of a coach that CAN help you.

🔟 My goal is a big one.

It will take many years to complete. A life coach can’t help me.
A life coach helps you to break steps to your goal into small, manageable bitesize chunks. The first steps are often the hardest. Booking a series of sessions with a coach (or choosing to work with one for a longer duration) puts you on the right path to success by putting strategies in place to achieve your goal. A bit like the idea “take care of the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”!

💥PS. Contact me if you feel that you need to change and feel that I may be the Life Coach for you.

Focus. Grow. Achieve.
Orla 💐


Are you ready to explore new options in life? Are you feeling tired and frustrated? Do you spend your time planning lessons for others and not enough time planning your own life? Are your personal and professional relationships suffering at the moment? Are you ready for a change?

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